How to Bypass Activation Lock iOS 16 – DNS Bypass iOS 16.1, 16.2 Working

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Some of our readers suggested this tip to temporarily bypass Activation Lock iOS 16. It involves connecting your device to Wi-Fi using a special DNS that tricks the device into thinking it’s unlock. To say that an iOS 16 iCloud unlock or an activation lock removal is outright illegal might be a bit naïve, for starters. Understandably, there’s some confusion around the term “unlock” itself. One type of unlock is called a subsidy unlock or a carrier unlock. 

Bypass Activation Lock iOS 16
Bypass Activation Lock iOS 16

This isn’t a very effective method since it depends on the device running an older version of iOS 16. It also only works for a short period of time. This is different from an iCloud activation lock, which is Apple’s practice of associating a maximum of one iCloud account with any of its iDevices capable of cellular communication. That means all iPhones and iPads with Wi-Fi and Cellular.

Follow these steps to try bypass Activation Lock iOS 16 using a different DNs

  1. Follow the setup prompts on your device until you get to the Wi-Fi page.
  2. Select your Wi-Fi network and tap the i button.
  3. Change DNS servers to one of the following options, based on your region:
    1. North America:
    2. South America:
    3. Europe:
    4. Asia:
    5. Australia and Oceania:
  4. Finish setting up your device.

Avoid Buying an iPhone With iCloud Activation Lock iOS 16

If you’re in the market for a used iPhone, here are the best practices to avoid getting stuck behind Activation Lock. One amazing element of their security is iCloud Activation Lock. What it does is, when you own and set up an iPhone, it gets connect to a unique Cloud ID.

  • Go through the entire setup process with the previous owner so they can turn off Activation Lock if it appears. To save time, don’t recover any data yet.
  • Only buy second-hand devices from authorized resellers.
  • Get the proof of purchase with your name and the device serial number.
  • Testing your contact details will work for whoever you bought the device from, so you can reach them if you need to.

That gives only you the privilege to be in control of your data.

Even if your iPhone gets stolen, the thieves wouldn’t be able to use it because it’ll have your activation lock associated with it. They’d need the combination of the username and password of your Apple ID to access it. Always consider the possibility that you might be buying a stolen device, which the seller can’t unlock either. Whether you buy it or not, report stolen devices to the police.

After Bypass Activation Lock iOS 16

The Activation Lock has been permanently removed and the device has been removed from the previous owner’s iCloud account, allowing you to activate and set up the device as normal. The iCloud Activation Lock works hand in hand with “Find My iPhone”, which is another security feature that allows you to locate your missing device. Both of these features come enabled by default on all iPhones and should be kept that way.

All of this makes it a little bit unnerving if you’re about to buy a used iPhone or any other second-hand Apple product. If you follow the advice above, you shouldn’t have any problems with Activation Lock. In such a situation, you can make use of the below-mentioned tools that’ll help you remove iCloud Activation Lock seamlessly.

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